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Ensured Readiness

Go safe

SmartConnect is a revolutionary new tool. It automatically monitors the status of the AED, is wireless, connects over the mobile network and contains its own power source. SmartConnect checks the status of the AED every day and notifies you by SMS or e-mail in case of any irregularity. This way you have all your equipment under (remote) control – in a building, on several locations or even worldwide.

Ensuring an optimized rescue chain

SmartConnect’s “Removal Alarm” and “Hands-free Voice Connection” automatically start a pre-defined rescue chain optimizing response time and quick shock delivery. “Removal Alarm” ensures that the AED manager is alerted by SMS or email. “Hands-free Voice Connection” provides direct support from the dedicated emergency dispatch to the first responder on site to confidently help save a life.

Further options include GPS localization, GSM triangulation and temperature / humidity alarms.

With several thousand installations in many countries around the globe, SmartConnect monitors single AEDs, PAD projects as well as domestic and global AED projects.

“Having the confidence that your AED is ready for use when you need it.”

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