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Are you Heart-Safe?

AEDs are becoming standard worldwide and also people are more aware of their “heart-safety”. Even in a number of countries it is already mandatory to have AEDs available.

Unfortunately, studies and real life stories show that in number of cases AED failures occurred in the time of need. Most common causes are battery power issues, problems with electrodes and failing attempts to charge and deliver a shock.

An AED is a medical device and like any other piece of medical equipment can experience unexpected failures.

Many factors play a significant role to potentially cause life-threatening mal-function of an AED. To ensure AED Readiness, choosing the right AED, continuous monitoring and maintenance are key.

The need for a day-to-day managed AED Program

Setting up, operating and maintaining an AED program is complex. The American Heart Association (AHA), the European Resuscitation Council (Guidelines 2015), The Resuscitation Council UK and British Heart Foundation (Guide to AEDs, April 2017) “advise those owning an AED should have a process in place for it to be checked regularly and frequently, ideally daily.”

Easy roll-­out and management of AEDs at various sites

Whether the association, the company premises, a whole city or several sites are to be secured worldwide – we provide the complete solution at the highest level. From the purchase of an AED to the all­‐in-­one one solution including all-­round carefree service and monitoring, according to your individual wishes and needs.

With us, AED programs are easy to set up and manage: with solutions that are individually tailored providing the confidence to be adequately prepared for an emergency. Anytime. Anywhere.

Individual combination to guarantee a successful AED program

All our components for your AED program are compatible and can be compiled individually according to your needs.

“Providing the confidence to be adequately prepared for an emergency. Anytime. Anywhere.”

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