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Secured Access

Ensure protection and free access

SafeBox is a unique storage solution owned by medic assist and offered for Philips AEDs exclusively.

The AED can be safely stored against manipulation and theft, while maintaining emergency access when needed. The cabinet features a release trigger behind a small break barrier (as with a fire alarm) for quick access which is protected by patent in Europe and North America.

SafeBox is available for indoor and outdoor use. For outdoor use wiring is needed.

SafeBox is installed at many thousand of sites worldwide such as schools, public venues and company buildings. The right solution for keeping your AED safe and available within buildings or outdoor as well as for public access. Ideal combination with SmartLink remote AED monitoring.

This patented storage is already installed successfully on thousands of locations worldwide, e.g. in companies and public institutions.

“Keeping your equipment safe and ready for immediate use at the same time.”

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